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For a Happier, More Satisfying Life

You do not have to remain entangled in the same old arguments over finances, responsibilities and loyalty.
There is a way to stop the repetition and to resolve the issues.
I can help.
Together we will develop a plan and set in motion specific steps to address your concerns.

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About  Dr. Maryann B Schaefer

Dr. Maryann B. Schaefer
Dr. Maryann B. Schaefer

I have had a private practice for more than twenty years. Through our therapeutic relationship,  individuals realize their potential as they learn to manage difficult emotions and minimize the accompanying negative fallout. Those who are successful in all objective areas of life, but who are unable to develop meaningful and lasting relationships, are assisted in resolving their challenges. Emotional communications and their accompanying behavioral expressions are explored as they become the bridges to the resolution of familial, social, and business challenges.

Reoccurring themes that present themselves across generations are examined with those looking to foster growth and relatedness in their lives. These themes include critical family issues where issues can be worked through and resolved; pregnancy loss and infertility; maternal-infant bonding; healthy parent-child relationships through objective listening and limit-setting; bullying; life transitions including divorce and bereavement; marital infidelity, which is among the most traumatic of life events; and substance abuse of all kinds.

Have you wondered how you got to where you are today? Have you thought about the impact your feelings have had on your behaviors? It may be time to identify your repetitions and learn how to implement and integrate new patterns of health and well-being into your life. For patients who are unable to come into the office, I offer phone sessions.

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Why See A Psychotherapist?

Throughout my years in private practice I have spoken with many who were less invested in improving the quality of their lives than in avoiding an examination of the very issues that contributed to them.  This avoidance generally leads to frustration, disappointment and discontent.  While you may think you know exactly what you are doing wrong, your emotional ability to do otherwise is deeply set and is evident in your repetition of self-defeating patterns.
The typical challenges and complications of adult living can get you down and discouraged when you are overwhelmed by feelings of frustration, disappointment  and inadequacy. Have you noticed that the quality of your life has suffered over the years in spite of your best efforts to change your self-defeating patterns, such as unfulfilling relationships or dead-end jobs? Do you often wonder where to begin?  Has COVID-19 and feelings of loss, grief and disorientation exacerbated these issues?
By addressing your emotional repetitions and their behavioral consequences you can shift from a life lived in anxiety, depression and overwhelm to one characterized by focus, peace and fulfillment.  If you or anyone you know is struggling with these emotional and social challenges, call me to schedule a complimentary consultation.  At this time you can share your concerns and have your questions answered.
With my over twenty years of experience, I am confident in my ability to help clients feel better. If you or a person you know is experiencing anxiety, depression, or any variety of other clinical social disorders, pick up the phone and call me. I am currently accepting new clients.

If you need a therapist, I can help.

It all starts with the very first step.
Make today the first day of the rest of your life!



Dr. Maryann B. Schaefer

Phone: (516) 627-1145

5 Travers St, Manhasset NY 11030


Office Hours: By appointment only.