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About Dr. Maryann B Schaefer

A Fellow of the American Psychotherapy Association and a Manhasset resident for over twenty-five years, I have maintained a private psychotherapy practice in Manhattan for over twenty-five years and currently practice in Manhasset. As a former professor at Adelphi University, I taught psychology and education courses on the graduate and undergraduate levels. My work with adolescents in a variety of environments focuses on developing healthy interpersonal relationships, eliminating resistances to learning and facilitating effective academic functioning.

Dr. Maryann B. Schaefer
Dr. Maryann B. Schaefer

My presentations to professional and community groups have addressed a broad cross-section of topics including marital and family issues, as well as educational and social concerns. My lectures at universities, schools and civic groups and TV and radio interviews have been on topics including depression, anxiety, relationship issues and effective communication, parenting, pregnancy loss, and bullying.

Participating in panel discussions, I have explored the concerns presented in the nationally acclaimed film “Race to Nowhere.” The risks inherent in the pressures placed upon students for high academic achievement and the accompanying implications for their long-term emotional and physical health and well-being were explored by the panelists, parents and educators.

For over twenty-five years I have guided parents in their examination of topics including the maternal-infant bond, being the fertile ground from which grows an infant’s sense of self and of the world; the family as the first social and spiritual unit, within which the child learns to function morally and responsibly; and the relationship between a child’s psychological and spiritual health and resilience.

Within my private practice I help adults, adolescents and children learn to manage difficult emotions and to minimize the negative effects on their behaviors and their relationships. Individuals and couples who are successful in all objective areas of life, but who are unable to develop meaningful and lasting intimate relationships, are assisted in communicating with an ear toward their emotional communication as the bridge to problem resolution.

Reoccurring themes that present themselves across generations are examined with individuals looking to foster growth and connectedness in their lives. These themes include critical family issues such as functional marital relationships, where issues can be worked through and resolved; pregnancy loss; marital infidelity, which is among the most traumatic of life events; maternal-infant bonding; healthy parent-child relationships through objective listening and limit-setting; and substance abuse of all kinds.

Oftentimes we are unaware of how our emotions drive counterproductive behaviors. Have you found yourself perplexed about how you got to where you are today? It is probably time to identify your repetitions and learn to implement and integrate new patterns of health and well-being into your life.

If you need a therapist on Long Island, NY, I can help.

Call me at 516-627-1145 for a complimentary consultation to discuss any of these or related topics.

Dr. Maryann B Schaefer

Ph.D. – Counseling, Concentration in Psychology
NYS Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Fellow of American Psychotherapy Association

Phone: (516) 627-1145


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