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Dr. Maryann Schaefer

About Dr. Maryann Schaefer

Dr. Maryann B. Schaefer is a highly-regarded psychotherapist and Fellow of the American Psychotherapy Association, with a private practice in Manhasset, New York. With over two decades of experience, she specializes in helping individuals, couples, and families overcome complex emotional and relational challenges. As a former professor at Adelphi University, Dr. Schaefer has shared her expertise in psychology and education through teaching and public speaking. Her work with adolescents emphasizes developing healthy relationships and effective academic performance, while her presentations to various audiences cover a wide range of topics, from marital and family dynamics to mental health and educational concerns. Dr. Schaefer has participated in discussions exploring the effects of high academic pressure on students' emotional and physical well-being, as highlighted in the film “Race to Nowhere.” In her practice, Dr. Schaefer supports clients in managing difficult emotions and improving their relationships, with a particular focus on emotional communication as a key to resolving problems. She addresses generational themes and critical family issues, including functional marital relationships, pregnancy loss, marital infidelity, maternal-infant bonding, and substance abuse. Dr. Maryann B. Schaefer's dedication to helping clients break unproductive emotional patterns and build healthier, more connected lives makes her an invaluable asset to those seeking personal growth and fulfillment.

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