Resentment Is a Relationship Destructive Emotion

resentment Did you know that resentment is one of the most destructive and unproductive emotions that can undermine your relationship? The only thing that resentment gets you is more of the same. Resentment begets resentment; it pays itself forward!  The negative momentum of this process takes the relationship down, even if it appears to remain intact.

This dynamic feeds on narcissism, which focuses on the wrongs done to you, as opposed to the wrongs that characterize your behavior. It insures that you will remain oblivious of this behavior, see yourself as fundamentally righteous and remain blind to your destructive place in the relationship.  Regardless of your rationalizations, resentment has its roots in what is going on in your interior life, your unconscious needs, and your psychological repetition to be a victim.

Would like to undo the destruction that resentment has brought into your relationship? Are you interested in identifying your part in this intricate dance of life? Do you want to learn how it surfaces in other interactions? Are you willing to take a chance and grow on emotional and behavioral levels? Only you can generate the growth and improve the quality of your life both internally and externally.